Water Quality

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A water molecule stays in the ocean for 98 years, in ice for 20 months, in lakes and rivers for 2 weeks, and in the atmosphere for less than 7 days.

At the Monroe County Water Authority, our job is simple but rarely easy. It’s simple because we are completely focused on delivering pure, clean drinking water to you each and every time you turn on the tap. We have a proven track record of providing clean, fresh water for our customers at reasonable rates. We consistently exceed national standards year after year, because the water we deliver to your home or business is the most important utility service you get. Every time you turn on your tap, you can rest assured that the MCWA is working for you to provide a continuous supply of clean and affordable water. Water that is, “Purely Refreshing.”

Annual Water Quality Report
2022 MCWA Water Quality Report

Annual Detected Substances Report
2022 Detected Substances Report 

Annual Water Quality Data Summary
2022 Water Quality Data Summary